In 2016, under the witness of Chinese President Xi Jinping and Swiss Confederation President Schneider Aman, Guangzhou and Switzerland signed a memorandum of cooperation on the Sino-Swiss low-carbon city project, becoming one of the five pilot cities of the Sino-Swiss low-carbon city project; With the support of development organizations, in 2018, Guangzhou will build a new industrial park integrating "ecology, production, and life" in the Liuxi Hot Spring Resort, which is blessed with a natural environment, and the permanent site of the World Ecological Design Conference-an ecological design town. As an important industrial supporting facility for the town, a Sino-Swiss joint venture low-carbon hotel project-"Shangshui Boutique Design Hotel" came into being.


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Adhering to the green and ecological architectural design concept, Sheung Shui Hotel has carried out careful renovation in idle rural primary schools and factories, incorporating modern and fashionable elements into the natural landscape environment, creating more than 100 guest rooms and LOFT villas with different layouts, attracting the world The rare radon-containing soda hot springs in Conghua and Switzerland can be used at home, so you can enjoy the fun of bathing at any time. Sit and watch the clouds rise in the distant mountains, the smoke near the water, the actions listen to the whispers, the wind flows through the forest stream, the morning glow reflects the stream on both sides, the night starry sky listens to the water and sleeps, lay down the burden of body and mind in this pure nature, and find relaxation Comfortable yourself.

The hotel rooms use a century-old brand Jin Keer mattress from the United States, made of pure natural latex, which perfectly fits the body curve and provides guests with a healthy and comfortable sleep; the toiletries are from the famous French perfume brand Atelier Cologne, with an elegant citrus fragrance Based on the blending, the most precious original spices are selected from all over the world for blending. The combination of unique concentration technology and extremely high concentration of essential oils gives them a unique personality of freshness, elegance and long-lasting fragrance; the room is fully equipped with a small intelligent system , Language control lighting, TV, music, curtains, etc., as well as various information query and ordering services; and provide 8 functional pillows to ensure that every guest can have a perfect sleep quality.

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Sheung Shui Boutique Design Hotel

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Shang Shui Boutique Design Hotel